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Alongside being a NZ First Light Practitioner DipNZFE, master Shaman, I use NZ Essences as the basis for most of the treatments I offer . I use a range of 184 flower, fern, tree, plant, shamanic essences directly from NZ’s unique ecosystem. 

Ask for a wellness consultation- the basis of prescribing a thorough treatment plan.

Aromatouch essential oil treatment

A gorgeous way to relax, enhance wellness and boost your immune system. I use Do’terra 100 % CPTG therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils are special as they are grown all around the world in the optimum soil conditions. 

Shamanic Workshops

My Medicine wheel is the First light Medicine Wheel, I have created a unique way of managing wellness by linking in with the elements.

  ( 🔥 🌊 🌏 💨) balance of emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of wellness is the key for long lasting health. Experience meditation, along with  plant medicine to intensify the process.


Working with reiki  masters, yoga teachers, we create a sacred space to enhance your soul connection- the place where true happiness resides. 

Uncovering emotional blockages, recognising your unique gifts, learning why you are here,  are all part of the magic that unfolds in our 4 day residential retreats . We choose unique locations to enhance the experience Come and relax, unwind, grow spiritually then plan your future vision quest.

working individually, + collaboratively to find the best 

wellness programme for your unique needs